ISB Election of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of nine (9) members, each with a 3-year term. This year, there are five (5) open positions, as the terms of Alex Bateman, Terri Attwood, Marc Robinson-Rechavi, Melissa Haendel and Jennifer Harrow come to completion. The election will take place from September 16 - 23, 2015, through an online process (more details will soon follow). Elections run for one (1) week (Wednesday to Wednesday). We remind you that only members who have paid their registration fees by the time of the election (before September 21 to allow for processing of the payment) will be entitled to vote.

Candidates for the 2015 Election of the ISB Executive Committee

The list of candidates and their letters of intent can be found here: ISB Election Candidates 2015.

The Nominating Committee (NC)

A Nominating Committee has been formed to oversee the electoral process, to review applications, and establish the final list of candidates. The members of the 2015 nominating committee are listed below, and we are very grateful for their assistance with the execution of the election:

Instructions to Candidates


The Nominating Committee is looking forward to receiving your applications.

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